By the skin of his teeth?

Matt is still 15 minutes out and has almost that long to check in with the airline.  In an act of faith, Riley just bought a sandwich for him to eat on the plane.  Hopeful this will work out and then I can let you know what comes next!

Airport anxiety

Things are starting off with a bang. The plan is to meet Matt in Charlotte since it’s closer to Asheville. Eager to get started, he called when we were still about an hour away to say he arrived at the airport and was waiting for us in the long term lot. Great! 1/2 hour later…. …


Hmmm, what to pack?

Well, it’s getting close so I figured I’d better start packing.  Riley did provide some advice so I think I have the basics: shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits.  What I’m not sure about is whether we will have access to a washing machine. Here’s the conversation… Me: Check the amenities, surely it would be listed if …


New adventures await

A wonderful new family tradition has been established. Riley has done it again… we’ll soon be embarking on the second annual mystery vacation! Last year was surfing, mountain biking, snorkeling and hiking in Maui. This year, the only clues are: Passports are necessary Unlike last year, there’s no need to pack cold weather clothing We’re …