Random facts I forgot to mention earlier

Today we said goodbye to the cozy house in Girdwood and drove North to Wasilla.  The new house with its granite counter tops and fancy furnishings made us realize how much we enjoyed its rustic charm.

Girdwood house

Girdwood house

As we drove, I thought of all the things I forgot to mention in earlier posts so here’s my list of random but hopefully interesting facts:

There have been 18+ hrs of daylight everyday. Today, first light was at 3:17 AM and last light will be 12:47 AM tomorrow.  It’s been strange to lower the light blocking shades in the bedroom windows at 10:30 PM so it seems more like bedtime.

The hike we did yesterday with the crazy high winds and steep, rocky trails, is the first five miles of the Crow Pass Crossing backcountry marathon.  Only 21 more miles to go, piece of cake.  Oh, did I mention that Crow Pass is also the highest point on the historic Iditarod Trail?

The Turnagain Arm tidal bore occurs everyday and is high enough to surf.  We saw it while hiking down Bird Ridge and it took a bit to realize what we were seeing.  From that height and distance it looked like a wide, curved white line in the middle of the waterway and barely looked like it was moving. The next day we saw a photo of surfers riding the wave in the newspaper.

Last year, the Alyeska Ski Resort used 2,000 rounds of explosives to control the risk of avalanches.  This sign was at the North Face trailhead.


North Face trailhead

Marty, of Heiney’s ATV Adventures, claims to have helped Sean Penn film Into the Wild , the 2007 film about Christopher McCandless. Apparently, he saved the film twice.  Once by catching a live salmon in the river to replace the fake one they were going to use and again by acquiring real wolves to shoot a scene instead of the Alaskan Malamutes he was going to use.  Stupid Sean didn’t know the difference.  Thank goodness he had Marty around.

According to the informative menu at Kriner’s Diner, we learned that Alaska boasts the Eastern, Western and Northernmost points in the US.

We saw a large cow moose near Boulder Creek while riding ATVs making the wildlife count 5 bears and one moose.  Not exactly what I was expecting by this point considering how much time we’ve spent out on the trails.

According to the official Alaska App, Wasilla is “the Redneck capital of the state”. Can’t say that I disagree with this assertion.

Our new place has a fancy bathroom in which you can sit by the fireplace while also sitting in the tub.

Alaska DOT uses the word “abrupt” with inordinate frequency on roadside warning signs.  I’m still trying to figure out the difference between an abrupt edge and an abrupt drop.

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