Schools of Fish

It’s hard to believe Friday is already here, almost over now actually. As usual, Riley and I woke first and ate breakfast on the patio while the boys slept in. I had been sitting on the loveseat reading a book when one of the iguanas walked up on the patio and headed straight to my chair. Afraid that he mistook me for Riley, I jumped up and went inside where I could watch him from the safety of a screen door. He walked under the chair and stretched out like a dog cooling his belly on the tile floor.

View from the cafe

View from the cafe

We went back to downtown Kralendijk for lunch and ate at a tiny little Uruguayan café on the waterfront. The service and views were great. The food was not the best we’ve had but still OK. All of our sandwiches seemed to be basically the same even though we ordered different things on the menu. The gelato for dessert was better. Yesterday at lunch Riley and Matt shared a 2 1/2 lb. “Brutus” burger, the kind of dish that you get a t-shirt if you are able to eat the whole thing by yourself. I was amazed that they ate pretty much the whole thing. Chandler and I opted for dishes meant for ordinary humans.

What's that guy doing?

What’s that guy doing?

Matt, being a paramedic, had been wondering where the hospital is and what kind of Emergency Medical Services they had so we looked for it on the map and drove by. The hospital is small, as you might guess, and looked pretty low-key like everything else on the island. There were three ambulances parked outside but none of the paramedics were in sight. I half-expected someone to run out of the door to find out what Matt was doing peering in all of the darkened windows but no one did.

Blue obelisk

Blue obelisk from the 1600’s near Salt Pier

We drove to Salt Pier to snorkel while there were no boats being loaded. We geared up with neoprene booties, masks, fins and snorkels and waded into the water. As soon as Chandler put on his mask the strap broke in two. Rrrrrr! This is a mask we rented from a dive shop back in town about an hour earlier. Riley attempted to repair it by tying the pieces of strap back together, Matt took the string off his swim trunks to somehow rig it up but nothing worked. Riley gave Chandler his mask and held the broken one on with one hand and the snorkel with the other. What a great Dad!

school of fishes under the salt pier

school of fish under the salt pier

The fish under the pier were abundant and varied. We saw several schools of fish, spotted eel, puffer fish and many more that I can’t name. The wind and current were pretty strong pushing us away from the shore. Three really big barracudas were hanging out under the far end of the pier waiting for dinner to swim by.



Underneath the pier in the sand we found lots of salt crystals that must have fallen during the loading process. Matt, Chandler and I gathered up as many as we could carry and stowed them in the truck. Later we drove to the beach across from the airport and snorkeled along the beach while Chandler sat in the shade of a tree and read a book.

Dinner was at 4 Seasons, another restaurant on the waterfront. The sunset was gorgeous. Matt and I kept walking across the street to take pictures as the light changed until it set completely. The food was excellent and we shared crepe Suzette for dessert. Now we are playing our last hand of Spades before turning in for the night. Morning will come too soon and we’ll be back at the airport on our way home.


Love my iPhone camera!

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